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Why Choose CatCo?

As a cat owner you will know that they can be fussy, quirky and even set in their routines. Most cats are happiest in their own familiar surroundings and can be quite territorial! As creatures of habit, cats often don’t react well to changes in their usual routines and, for these reasons; you may prefer to try CatCo as an alternative to your local cattery.

Many cat owners may be reluctant to use a cattery as most are inconveniently located for the city dweller, which means a car journey for puss and most also house dogs, which can be noisy! Some feel there is a lack of individual care and that their cat may feel lonely in strange surroundings. All this can lead to feelings of stress and unfamiliarity as well as leaving your cat open to the possibility of developing an illness.

Or it may be that you have chosen not to keep relying on the goodwill of the same friends or family members to help you out again?

Whatever your reason for choosing CatCo, we can offer you peace of mind and your cats lots of TLC in their own surroundings. The only cat sitters in Glasgow with Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Certificates!

Surely there is no better boarding option in Scotland!

What Makes CatCo Unique?

We are genuine cat lovers and have over 30 years experience in caring for cats.

We are experts in cat care and hold Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Certificates, issued by Strathclyde Police.

Personal references are also available, from previous and existing clients.

Our prices are very competitive and give you real value for money.

At CatCo, we believe that we offer you the best possible care and attention for your cat in your absence.

Members of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters