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During our visits*, we provide the following services as standard for your cat:

  • Feeding and watering (includes catering to any specific dietary needs)
  • Exercising (and additional exercising when needed)
  • Playing and entertaining
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Keeping feeding area and litter tray clean and hygienic
  • Administering medicine**

As well as caring for your cat, we also maintain your home and it’s security in your absence by providing the following at no extra charge:

  • Watering plants
  • Taking in your mail
  • Taking in milk/papers
  • Emptying your bins
  • Opening and closing curtains
  • Leaving on lights/radio/television (at your request)

* Visits last 40 minutes and can be arranged once or twice a day.

** Please note that your veterinary practitioner should carry out injections.

Advance Booking

Please note that advanced booking is recommended, especially during busy periods such as school holidays.

"CatCo deliver an absolutely crucial service to the highest standard."

Gavin Stuart Lee, Yorkhill

Members of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters